Educational version not working with python interface


I am using Sofistik 2020 with an educational license. I want to get into the python interface to extract data from CDBases.

Using the tutorials form the website (e.g. Read the node properties — CDB Interfaces 2020) i was able to read the node properties of the example-cdb. But unfortunatly I cant use any cdbs I created with the educational version of sofistik I am using.

Problem description:

  • 2 cdbs: one from the example folder (called “example”), one created from a dat file after computing it (called “educational”)
  • “example” cannot be opened with WinGraf nor Animator or any other sofistik program
  • “educational” can be opened with all sofistik programs
  • I can read open and read the “example” with the python interface
  • I cant read the “educational” with the python interface, getting an Index.value of -48, which means (according to Connect to CDB — CDB Interfaces 2020) that the “file is no CDBase-file”

Is this behavior intentional? What am I doing wrong? Is there a keyword to change the python interface from commercial to educational version?

Kind regards
Paul Merz

There are special dll-files for the educational version:

Thank you very much, that helped me.