Earthquake Analysis with RSA_Seismic Force


I have a question about Earthquake Analysis with RSA in software.

Why seismic force for both directions (X and Y) has the same value?
In my example construction has very different stiffness in X and Y directions, and I think for that construction, forces may be different, not equal.

Also in your example for RSA, construction has a different frequency (thus and stiffness) in X and Y directions, but the same forces.

Thank you very much for your answer.

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Hello Stefan

Could you please clarify which RSA example you are referring to?
And can you tell us the forces you are comparing?
Maybe take a look at the following tutorial. It shows you the standard workflow for a response spectrum analysis. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials > Building Design > Reinforced Concrete Building - Seismic Analysis and Shear Design (BIM Workflow)

In addition, you can check out what’s new for SOFiSTiK version 2022. Back then we introduced some important changes in the RSA workflow.

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Frederik Höller
Ihr SOFiSTiK Support Team