Dynamic analysis with load trains

Hello everyone,

i am trying to run a dynamic analysis on a multi-grider rail bridge with HSLM-A load trains.

I want to get envelope of all 10 HSLM-A types and each one with 15 different speeds to compare.

now, i’m getting ‘dyna’ processing time for a single load train of about 16 minutes,
and im realizing its means something like few days of processing to get the results.

is there any way to reduce the processing time without harming the result accuracy alot?

thank you very much!

You can assume bigger timestep, however it is up to you to check if results with assumed timestep are accurate (f.e. run the smae train with varous time steps to check when decreasing them does not affect results).
Also you can do the same with mesh size.
But to be honest time-step anaylsis is time consuming and we have to deal with it