Discrepancy in Shear Stress Results between Sofistik and ROHR2

I am writing to seek clarification regarding a discrepancy I have encountered in the calculation of shear stresses between Sofistik and ROHR2 software.

To provide a context, I am currently using Rohr 2 as a secondary software to validate the results obtained from Sofistik. In order to perform an apple-to-apple comparison, I initiated a simple project and found that the results from both software packages were generally similar. However, I have noticed a significant difference in the calculated shear stresses

In Rohr 2 the shear force is 4945N and the area is 583mm² of the critical section

This gives a stress of 4945/583=8.5N/mm²

So the results from ROHR2 are coherent.

I do not understand how Sofistik can calculate 76MPa from only 4300N shear force with the same shear area (541mm²).

Unfortunately here I am unable to upload multiple files. I would greatly appreciate it if you could review the information and provide insights into this discrepancy.