Dimensioning timber construction

Hey dear forum,

i am in process of modeling a wood-concrete composite beam. The design of the reinforced concrete cross section is done by the module “AQB” in Teddy, also the corresponding verifications according to DIN EN 1993 can be done for steel components.

My question in this regard is whether there is an extension of the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop for the cross-section verifications in timber construction.
The beam “BauBuche GL75” from “Pollmeier Funierwerkstoffe GmbH” was selected. The material cannot be found in the menu “New material from standard family”. Is there a possibility to import the material?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Felix,

unfortunately there is NO SSD task for timber design. Also you will not find special timber material in the standard material library. BUT you are free to define any material you want in the SSD Material task. SImply select a material law and fill out the properties.

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