Designing Tunnel Crossection


I have been trying to design a tunnel cross-section in SOFISTIK. However, the tutorials and the information regarding tunnels are insufficient. They are mostly for bridges. There are some examples in module TALPA (Teddy) for tunnels, but not explanatory as well.

So, what would you suggest to me to design a tunnel cross-section including Load Cases in SOFISTIK? Would you prefer Teddy or Sofiplus-X? What steps should be followed?

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There is no clear recommendation on this question.
The fact is: with SOFiPLUS you can define the model geometry and loads. It is also possible to use the cross-section editor within SOFiPLUS.
=> here everyone has to decide for himself what he prefers.

For the calculation with TALPA, however, the recommendation is simple and clear: For TALPA you can only use the pure teddy inputs, as there are no tasks in the SSD for this.

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If you have no sofistik experience, you get an easier start if you go graphical (SSD and sofiplus).

However, if you want to be able to:

  • use all the modules
  • make your own parameter-controlled templates
  • interact with other software/scripts (e.g. excel/python/…)

Then you should pick up teddy and text input (cadinp).

Teddy is a steeper learning curve, but it pays off in the long term.
IMO the text input is the major benefit of the software.