Design of RC section


I have question regarding the desing of RC section. When designing a pier of a bridge it is important to know bending capacity of section at given internal forces. Example:
• how to calculate MRd,y at given MEd,z and NEd,
• how to calculate MRd,z at given MEd,y and NEd of a section?

I have a feeling there is solution with using AQB CAPA – Sectional Capacity Evaluation. Any tips?



It can be done using task Design R/C section. In code you have to specify relative bearing capacity for internal forces through command
-piia n10 if you want to keep current normal force
-piia my10 if you want to keep current my moment
-piia mz10 if you want to keep current mz moment.

In the picture below is marked relative bearing capacity factor which increases internal forces to maximum resistance.
If you select piia n10 only my and mz will be increased,
if you select piia n10 and piia mz10 only my will be increased.

In the output table NRd, MyRd and MZRd are presenting the capacity forces of the section.


I am aware of that. But using piia n10 you set the relative capacity for axial force to 1,0 which means NRd=1,0NEd, MyRd=relMyEd and MzRd=rel*MzEd.

The same analogy applies to piia my10 and piia mz10. I played a little bit with results and they seemed logical. Any thoughts? :slight_smile: