Definition lane in trafic loader

Hi …
Please i have a slab bridge with a width=11 , the pavement is wide 2.7m in the left ,while the remainding width 8.3 is for trafic .EN gives me 2 notional lanes of 3m and a risidual area of 2.3m ,but the trafic loader give me only one notional lane of 8.3 .
Could anyone explain me how to resolve this problem .


Traffic loader normally gives you 3 different situations (option Alignment):

  • alignment Center: one 3m lane in the center and 2 residual lanes on the left and on the right
  • alignement Right: two 3m lanes lanes on the right and a residual area on the left
  • alignement Left: two 3m lanes on the left and a residual area on the right

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Thank you so much sir