Define of train loads

Hello every one
It is possible to define this train load (metro) as attached in the picture using the traffic load task or it must be defined using teddy?

I want a free definition for Axle loads and Axle distance with a temple alearedy defined in the traffic loader task just change the axle load value and distance as shown for this metro loads

No, this is not possible directly.
In task “Traffic loader” it’s not possible to define a user defined load train. But you can use the dialog of this task to do do all necessary inputs with a dummy load train number.
After leaving the task without option “Process immediately” you can take the Teddy-input of this task and modify the load train definition => there you add the user defined load train instead of the dummy load train. Of course you do this in an own Teddy-task. The modules in the original task you deaktivate in its Teddy-input.

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