Deactivate element without changing number of next element

I have a question about deactivate elements. I have a project an arch bridge and I have to check model without one hangers in accidental loadcase.
So, how could I deactivate one hanger without changing number of elements? Because when I remove one hanger or mark hanger as ‘No cross section’ in structural line options, the number of element changed. The number of elements from removed hanger assigned to the next hanger (hangers are assigned to the one group). I need the same assigned number of elements in hanger without changing the groups even I removed hanger

Hi Andrzej,

in ASE write:
elem etyp cabl no YOUR_ELEMENT facs 0 facl 0

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Thanks a lot!

simply organize your elements in groups. Every beam, cable, spring, quad element is member of a group!

While analyzing with PROG ASE you may very easy switch on or off a group of elements.See record GRP in module ASE.
The same is possible inside the SSD Task - Linear Analysis. There is a tab “Groups” where you can switch on and off groups of elements.See also our online SSD manual.

Hope that helps

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