Cut line in Sofiplus


Does anyone have a problem visualizing cut line that is modelled in Sofiplus-X?

I have made a simple structural system and modelled a Cut line in Sofisplus-x environment:

However, once the system is calculated, it seems that these results or the cut itself cannot be read in Wingraf:

Have anyone ran into the same problem and has a solution to this?

Thank you in advance,

Hello Tomas

The capabilities of these cuts are limited. At the current development status of our software, these cuts only work in the XY-plane of the system.

I think you have rotated the XY-plane in your SOFiPLUS(-X) model, but the coordinate system within the SOFiSTiK Data Base (see Graphic) is still oriented in a different way. This has the effect that the cut line is located within the XZ-plane and is not working properly.

I have attached a short example for cut lines. It shows that a cut line (defined within the XY-plane) is working correctly, while the cut line located within another plane does not calculate suitable results.

Schnittlinie.dwg (69.5 KB)
Schnittlinie.sofistik (28.4 KB)

Further information can be found within the Wingraf manual:

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > wingraf > chapter 2.7.2 Cuts

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

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