Custom parameters on Sofistik Bending Schedule

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to add custom parameters to the Sofistin Bending Schedule that is generated from the Reinforcement Detailing.
As you see in the image this is the standard table for the template, what I would like to to is to make Sofistik read some shared parameters assigned directly to the rebars and compile the table accordingly when creating the bending schedule.

Has anyone done something like this? Is it possible? Any tip would be helpful.

Thank you!

That would also interest me very much!

Hey, everyone

This feature is planed for the upcoming SOFiSTiK release.
So stay tuned for the next few weeks :wink: .

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Frederik Höller
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Hi guys,
2023 version is out. Since I only saw now the thread, I would like to add some thoughts to it.

In 2023 version you have the possibility to bring in the schedule you custom defined parameters. Check this picture:

However for the rebar parameter this was already working. But a bit trickier, I would not say complicate because this is easy also.
There are 2 ways to do that:

  1. through SOFiSTiK_Text_Custom (in docx you should use {custom_text}):
    Settings Dialog - SOFiSTiK Reinforcement 2023
  2. through a prefix or suffix of Mark parameter:
    Settings Dialog - SOFiSTiK Reinforcement 2023
    since the string or parameter is added as a prefix/suffix for the mark parameter, this is brought in docx template via {mark} parameter.

Let me know if something is unclear.