Custom Cross-sections

I have a question about the input of self-defined cross-sections of reinforced concrete. I know that it is possible to define polygonal cross sections. But can I also define cross sections with straight as well as round edges ? So any non polygonal cross sections ? And if so, how do you determine the cross-section values ? What is the mathematical background?

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You can define tangent points (AQUA manual 3.35 VERT)

If you are interested in the mathematics, the “Theoretical Principles” chapter in the AQUA manual is the place to go.

Edit: Should be AQUA manual (not AQB) as @NAL points out.

Thank you for your help. Where can I find this AQB manual ? I have an educational license. Maybe you can send a picture of the mentioned chapter for the tangent points and theoretical principles ?

Polygon points over tangent intersections are defined in the AQUA module, the previous answer refers to the Aqua manual chapter 3.35 page 3-195 (version 2022)
German command QP ART TP
aqua eng.pdf (832.7 KB)
aqua de.pdf (966.1 KB)

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Nils Albrecht
SOFiSTik Support Team

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