CSM task error using TH3 option

Welcome to the SOFISTIK work team
I want your help in solving this error in the CSM task using the TH3 option in this bridge model
In this bridge model, I modeled the column as a beam element, and the pile cap as a shell element. The column loads are transferred through constraint line to point

@edit: the error message is clear and understandable, you need change the couplings. WINGRAF has an option to search by nodes.



Could you explain the solution to the problem in English so I can understand you?

I get the nodes of the problematic quad element in WINGRAF but I don’t understand how I can solve the problem

Text input of nodes

1 quad has 4 nodes
Your element is coupled in 2 of 4 nodes.
Too many rigid couplings = bad results.

Either you have modelled poorly → get rid of the couplings and improve the model
Or you know what you are doing → turn off the error with ctrl warn 610

Also, if you press enter after finding the quad/node in wingraf, you zoom in so you can actually see something.

If I remove the constraint line to point (coupling) in the following figure to improve my model
How I can transfer the volume loads to the pile cap?

Use spring elements instead

I used 3 axial springs in global X, Y and Z and 3 torsional springs in global X, Y and Z to simulate the column rigidity. but the same problem appears

The option i used is (Link line to point) instead of (Constraint line to point)

i used spring axial spring stiffness 1000000 and torsional stiffness 1000000

If i use option TH3B instead of TH3, The problem disappears. But I want only understand this option works with beams and quad with TH2 only.