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I am trying to make a design of a railroad bridge by using the Construction Stages Manager. I managed to create the model by using the CSM and have to apply the loads by using the CSM Bridge Design - Superposition module. When I try to open this module, it gives me an error saying: ‘‘CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning Task does not support the current design code.’’. How do you use the CSM and apply the loads then


The standard CSM design workflow only works with DIN EN road bridges. For railroad bridges you have to define the superposition manually with the TEDDY.
A short clip of our online bridge design training explains the general procedure for other design codes. Unfortunately this clip is in German, but you can activate the automatically translated subtitles.

As an guidance you can look at the following TEDDY example.

TEDDY > File > Examples > csm > english > design > csm31_design.dat

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Hi Frederik,

Thank you, that helped a lot!