CSM refer to element instead of group

Hi, is there a way to refer to specific element in csm, instead of referring to whole group (when we want to activate a part of model)?
I know I can refer to seconday groups but then real creep is not working, any idea ?
My point is that reference only to grp in csm is a huge constrain at the level of model creation.
looking for workarounds.

Not in CSM directly (unless I missed something), so the easiest way is to define your primary groups according to your construction stages.

If you are hellbent on specific settings for a single element you can:

  • Configure CSM input as if the element doesn’t exist
  • Run CSM, but don’t apply the _csm.dat file
  • Go into the CSM dat file and add the necessary ASE input for your specific element (use ELEM)

If I remember correctly the CSM module doesn’t add the creep parameters to the group, when using secondary groups (they’re just missing).
So you could also:

  • Use secondary groups only for the group you want to divide into elements
  • Go into the _csm.dat file
  • Copy the necessary creep information from the primary groups to the secondary groups