CSM parameters

I work on a model for an integral road bridge where the deck is modeled both by beam and quad elements. I define Construction Stages through SSD (Construction Stages Task). I observed that some loadcases yield significantly different results between the CSM and independently solved loadcases by ASE. The construction sequence and the activated groups are the same in both cases. When I edited the produced CSM file (model_name_csm.dat) I observed that there is a parameter for ASE control (CTRL INPL 0 $ default for CSM stages: do not apply Quad Inplane moments) which, as I found out, is responsible for the different results between the CSM and the independent ASE runs, i.e. when I deactivated it the results where very close, if not an exact match.
Does anyone know:

  1. Why is this parameter default in CSM?
  2. Can it be controlled through Construction Stages Task in SSD?