CSM Bridge Design

Can someone explain me why I can’t set a CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning for railway bridge (EN 1992-2004 Railroad bridges)? All the time i get message like “CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning Task does not support current design code”.
Personally for me this is funny that I am trying to design bridge using European standards and it cannot be completed.

Hello Mateusz,
the Task CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning is only for DIN EN Roadbridges. It also doesn’t appear in the default task settings for railroad bridges.
Therefore you need to define the superpositioning with teddy input, prog csm… ACT… DESI MAX… You can find a good example in the teddy library at Teddy - File - Examples - CSM - English - design csm31_design.dat

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Nils Albrecht
SOFiSTiK Support Team