Coupling with Rhino interface


I’d like to couple a SAR with a SLN by using the Rhino interface. Both elements are orthogonal to each other. When I couple them the SAR is connected so several points of the SLN (see attached picture). What I want is that the SAR and the SLN only couple at the point where the SAR and the SLN meet.

Thanks for your Help!

Hi Sofim,

Did you try adding a command XFLG to the SAR? You can play a bit with this command to define different connections.

I guess the coupling you got is because you plugged in curves from both elements, but if the curve intersects the SAR, the connection should be automated.

Kind regards,

Hi rbastidam,

thank you for your reply! Where can I add the command XFLG in the Rhino Plug in? (I’m quite new to Sofistik)

And what do you mean if you say the connection should be automated? (The SAR and the SLN are directly adjacent to each other.)

Kind regards

I don’t know the Rhino interface, but some other interfaces for Sofistik. Usually SAR and SLN are connected automatically, if they have a common point. Please check the mesh you get.

If they have no common point, I would add one SPT within the SAR and one SPT on the SLN, and couple these two points.