Copy SAR with TRAN and name it

Hi all

I created a SAR in SOFIPLUSX and wanted to copy it so the two areas have the same mesh and could be coupled. According to this example: Couple Area Elements #SOFiSTiK #SOFiSTiKTutorial #Tutorial #CoupleAreaElements - YouTube
I used a TRAN command. This, however, creates a SAR with number 0 (if there are multiple copies, they are all 0).

Is there a way to attribute a number other than 0 to SAR created this way?

Second question, may SLN be used in the TRAN command instead of defining coordinates (similarly to EXTR) ?

Any help is appreciated, thank you


So I think you are mixing two different ways of creating elements in SOFiSTiK.
The first method is to create structural areas that are meshed with SOFiMSHC.
The second method is to create the finite elements (here QUADs) directly with SOFiMSHA.

So, you are creating a structural area (SAR) in SOFiPLUS(-X). Then you export and mesh it. In a next step you select the elements with the command TRAN in SOFiMSHA and coppy these finite elements (here QUAD elements). So you copy the QUADs and not the SARs! This has the effect that it is not possible to access the number of the strucutral area anymore.

So now a question for you: Why do you want to define the number of the SAR? I would change the group or even secondary group number. This way you have more control over the elements and it will be easier to select these elements (by group) in further moduls/tasks.

I hope you understand my explanations. Just remember that you can create either structural or finite elements.

Concerning you second question:
As far as I know this is not possible.

Here is a short exmple for the TRAN command in SOFiMSHA.
TRAN SAR.dat (850 Bytes)

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Frederik Höller
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Thank you

Actually, later on I realized that in wingraf, the copied SAR had the same number as the original SAR. It surely acted that way when they were used, lets say, for creating BRICs later. (lets say SAR 1 and SAR 1, so there were two with the same number! In your example, there were no duplicite SARs indeed, so no idea what happened in my model…).

I was wondering if naming the SARs in SOFiMSHA was possible as I am not aware of that possibility. Probably not then.

Some commands are bound to SARs only, not groups. But I overcame that problem using a different approach.