Converting sofistik model to .dat file

When using the option to convert a sofistik model to .dat file, i only get AQUA and SOFILOAD.
What i am searching for is the modelgeneration, the geometry of the model (made with sofiplus).

Is this possible to achieve, or am i doing something wrong when exporting? Could it be that i dont have the correct AutoCAD installed (sofistik 2023 + autocad 2023)?

How are you “converting” the model?
There are two basic paths:

  1. The information in the .sofistik file (SSD) is converted to pure text
  2. The information in the .cdb file is converted to a text input that should match

If you are using the latter (cdb2dat), you have to make sure that the model is generated in sofiplus (you see it in the animator). Otherwise there is nothing to “convert”.

If you are trying to convert the ssd to dat, then a sofiplus file (dwg) is outside the actual ssd (.sofistik) and isn’t included automatically. In this case you should generate the dat from sofiplus directly.
In the normal workflow of a ssd/sofiplus project you:

  • Set up an SSD project
  • Specify materials and cross sections
  • Generate the geometry using sofiplus
  • Calculate and postprocess the project using ssd tasks

What sofiplus actually does under the hood is to generate .dat files (aqua/sofimsha/sofimshc) that are calculated towards the database (.cdb).
If you uncheck the “process immediately” box, the actual .dat files generated by sofiplus (with a added _msh, _aqua, _run) are generated in the folder.

These files are what you want to save regarding model generation.

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Thanks SFR.

I got it working. I also think part of the reason was that i did not have AutoCAD 2023 installed i think.
But with your advice, and installing autocad 2023 - it works!