Convert the project to new version SOFiSTiK

I’ve project created in older version SOFiSTiK.
How i can open it in new version?

Open the file from within ssd.
Only works one generation up, so sometimes you need to do it stepwise, e.g.

  1. 2014 project
  2. Open in 2016 → converts to 2016
  3. Open in 2018 → converts to 2018
  4. rinse and repeat

If it’s teddy delete the cdb and recalculate

Have any chance convert 2012 .sofistik file to 2022 without 2014…2021 versions? :frowning:


You can salvage the teddy code inside however (if you used teddy that is).

Open the .sofistik file with a text and scroll down.
If you use a text editor that can fold code like notepad++, you can collapse the first parts, which makes it a bit easier.

Perhaps you could ask the support to stepwise upgrade it for you.


If you send me your project files (.sofistik and .dwg) I can update them for you.
But keep in mind that the software has changed a lot since 2012. Therefore, you should only use the files as an aid for your new project.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thanks too much!

Link to project files:

Here are your converted files:

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