Connect point support to opening edges (bolt holes)

I’m trying to connect a point support to the edges of an opening but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to model the bolt holes in a plate and use the point support to model the bolt.

I found an example at SOFiSTiK FOR YOU where this is done but when I try to place the same elements in my model I only get errors. It’s the “Steel Connection Compression-Only Bedding” example for v2023 (sadly can’t add more than 2 links in my posts…)

The steps I’m taking:

  1. Create a circle (AutoCAD element)
  2. Create en opening (SOF_SE_OPENING) using the pick lines or curves option (clicking on circle)
  3. Create a structural line (SOF_SE_LINE) using the pick lines or curves option (clicking on opening)

At this point, if I try to export to SSD I get an error:

(331) Boundary curves of structural area (SAR) 1001 are not closed

If I move the opening (or structural line) so they are not in the same place, the error disapears.

The steps I do after this are not really relevant (I think) because I guess this is the reason for all other errors, but just for completeness I would do:

  1. Split the structural line into 2 arcs so the end points don’t meet
  2. Create a Constraint Line to Point (SOF_SE_LINE_TO_POINT_CONSTRAINT) between each arc and the point support.


Attaching the model, hope someone can assist :slight_smile:

Vinkelstål.dwg (56.5 KB)
Vinkelstål.sofistik (45.2 KB)

Hi Pady,
simply reduce the Point Size (= tolerance) to for example 1 mm => 01.jpg. Then it works.

Best regards,

Thank you, worked very well!

I had reduced it to 5 mm cause I got some error at some point but the model from SOFiSTiK FOR YOU had it set to 10 mm and worked anyway - so didn’t expect this to be the issue.

Thanks again!