Concrete steel composite beam

I am new to sofistik and I am modeling a composite concrete beam section as in the attached photo, i searched for modeling composite sections in sofistik but unfortuntelly i got nothing
I appreciate anybody’s help how to model this section or a tutorial link of how to model compoiste section in sofistik in general.
Thanks in advance

Hello I.yasser,

with the program AQUA it is possible to define arbitrary solid and thin-walled cross section. Your cross section has to be define as solid polygonal cross section. I have made an example input in a DAT file. In the case that the chamfers are necessary you can input it with additional vertex points in the given polygons.

When you prefer a graphical input than this is possible in SOFiPLUS with the Cross Section Editor.

With kind regards
Sabine Fahrendholz
Senior Product Manager
aqua_concrete-steel-composite-beam.dat (1.3 KB)

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Appreciate your time and effort, thanks so much