Concrete Slab Tutorial with an educational licence: DATABASE error

I’m going trough the Concrete Slab Bridge tutorial on the Sofistik 2020. I was able to do it, except the part “additional System Elements”, where it is necessary to create the result sets “RSET” using a Text Editor task. I get the following error: “incompatible database. Only an educational database is allowed”, followed by “error no. 2072 in program SM_IA_RSET:0 Unknown Set of results with RSET SPRI :SPRI_RES”.

I’m using an education license and I was wondering if the error is related to some limitation of the educational license.

I kindly ask for some advise. You can contact me in English or in German.

Thanks very much.

Hello Sakiyama

the educational licence is not limited. You can try out any SOFiSTiK moduls.
The error occurs when a project is calculated with two different kinds of licences. For example the project is created with a commercial licence and later calculated with the educational licence.

Have you downloaded the tutorial from the official website and only opened it with the educational licence?

In order to solve the problem you can try to save the project without the *cdb (-> only the .sofistik and .dwg) and calculate the project with the educational licence again.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Höller,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not trying to run a project created elsewhere. I followed the steps of the tutorial from the begining and created my own projetc. Everything works and I was able to generate all the results.

However, the part where the Teddy Editor is used to create the result sets RESET for the SPRI_RES elements does not works (I get always the error described on my first post).

What I did was disable every code from the other Teddy tasks that references to the SPRI elements.

But I would like to know if there is a solution for this.

Best regards,


So you have recreated the tutorial “concrete slab” completely new from the beginning?
If you have recreated the tutorial “concrete slab” completely new from the beginning, it should be possible to calculate the project with an educational licence.
In order to understand your problem correctly, I suggest you contact the support via the SAM.

Best regards
Frederik Höller