Concrete side barriers load


I have a bridge that has a concrete barrieres at its left and rigth edges of the cross-section, so when i define a distributed load and i assign it to the structural line that is representing the bridge beam, the load is assigned to the midpoint of the section. So,is there a way to assign it excatly at the left and rigth edges of the bridge

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This can easily achieved by defining an excentricity
The eccentricity can refer to different points of the cross-section of the structural line.


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But when i tried to do this. I found that eccentricity box is closed and i can’t open it

Have you defined a cross section for the structure line?
If you didn’t solve your problem, please send me your project files.

Is there an email that i can send it to you ?or how i can do that

You can post your files in this forum.