Concrete-Concrete composite section

I want to model a structure, where new layer of concrete is cured on top of the old one. And I want to know, how the stresses work after the process. So how should the concrete-concrete composite-structure be modelled to make the structure work as a composite structure?. Any Ideas? I attach the simplified picture of the cross-sections.

You can model it by single beam with composite section, two beams joined by couplings or just brick elements. The main part is module CSM which offer you constructioon stages (or ASESYST PLC), which help you turn on/off groups like desired. Take a look at CSM examples like csm3_composite_beam.dat.


it is easy to generate such a cross section.
You can use the Cross Section Editor in SOFiPLUS. A solid cross section has to be defined with two polygons: one for the lower part with the old concrete (concrete material 1) and the other for the upper part with the new concrete (concrete material 2). If desired the two concrete polygons can be assigned to different construction stages.
The same cross section definition can be done with the TEDDY and a text input with the program AQUA.
Please refer to the descriptions in the manual AQUA and the example files which are available in TEDDY → File → Examples → AQUA → english.

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Thanks for the advices!

I made two different options, one thin walled composite section and one solid composite section. Put two different polygons to different construction stages and different materials. Somehow the creep of upper part is not working. I put screenshots on my CSM options and cross-sections.

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