Concrete 3d Printing Integation - Modelling and reinforcement strategy

Hello Everybody,
I am currently trying to operate some structural analysis of a 3d printed beam which is designed in GrassHopper. The beam is printed on the side and all the layers have the same shape and thickness. I am considering every layer of the print as a surface with a thickness that corresponds to the real one, all the surface are then coupled with each other.

A photo:

To integrate any reinforcements I treat them as a structural lines which are put on the surface in the Rhino interface.

As this is an unconventional way of treating a beam I am in doubt that analytically this approach makes sense. Does anyone think it does? How would you then model this beam?
A limitation is due to the geometry of our beam which sections is extruded perpendicular to the beam axis.

Thanks to everybody,

Here a photo of the reinforcements integration:

And an example of the design we are working on: