Compression Only Springs for Line Elements

Hi, I am a beginner with sofistik, and was hoping someone could help me in how to define compression only springs for a line element.

There is guidance on how to define compression only for an area element and similar posts on here describe needing to use work laws. Could anyone describe the process if I wanted to use 50,000 kN/m springs.


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Dear Alex,

simply define a new work law using the SSD task “Work Laws for Springs and Implicit Beam Hinges”

Then define the bedding for your structure line and apply the before defined work law.

Thats all

Cheers Martin

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Thanks Martin, that works perfectly

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Hi Martin,
What if I have already defined a spring in sofimsha and I want later to assign the work law in a teddy code.

Do you think this works?

spri NO prop MNO …
mod type spri grp …