Compression-only pile definition

How can one define a compression pile in Sofiplus?
Important: None of the uplifting forces should be carried by these piles.

I know the carrying capacity in kN (alternatively I can come up with a stiffness value).
Dimensions & length of the pile are yet unknown .



The basics of pile foundations are explained in the following tutorials. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials > Geotechnical Engineering > Halfspace Analysis for pile foundation

I am not sure how detailed you want to model the pile. If you are working with springs, you can set the axial failure load to 0 (activate nonlinear spring behaviour → Nonlinear calculation with ASE).

If you want to work with a material bedding, you have to set the tensile strength to 0 MPa (New Material > bedding > activate).

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Frederik Höller
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