Composite plate shear wall

I have a student research study about Composite plate shear wall,
1- what is the best solution to model as a quad element or as a frame element?
2- could sofistik (teddy or sofiplus) support me to model this solution whether quad or frame element ? and i will be grateful if you can provide an example. thanks in advance

Hi Ahmed,

we have a example for the composite cross sections for the teddy input. Open Teddy → examples → aqua → english → aqua5_composite.dat

If it’s a shear wall in a high rise building and you need to get the correct results for earthquake and or wind loads etc. I would use quads. After the export I would use design elements with the desired cross section to get the correct forces in the cross section.
And another example for the decreator: → examples → decreator → decreator_05_seismic_01.dat
Just adjust the file to your needs.

If you have the loads to be on hand, just create your system with a beam. It’s up to you.

Cheers, Adrian