Combine Type 7000 load cases with other load cases


I am modeling the construction of a simple two-span bridge in order to practice with the SOFiSTiK software.

For better understanding in the module CSM Construction Stages :

  • 4000-4999 : Accumulative Load cases, Including total displacement and total forces (no stresses losses due to C&S)
  • 5000-5999 : Difference displacement and difference forces → CSM DESI with partial safety
  • 6000-6999 : AQB-Internal Stresses due to creep and shrinkage including stress losses in tendons → CSM DESI
  • 7000-7999 Accumulative resulting stresses from AQB-LCSP-Analysis incl. stress losses du to C+S

Question 1 :

I have done the modeling and the phasing of the bridge structure. I have considered the effects of shrinkage and creep. I would like to know if it is possible to combine the 7000 -7999 load cases with other loadcases to create different envelopes without using the task “CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning”.

Example : (1,35* Loadcase 7004 + 1,5*Loadcase 2)

I noticed that the task “combine load” or “combine result” only allows me to combine define loadcases with the 5000-5999 load cases.

My goal is to know if it is possible to combine loads of type 7000-7999 with other load cases by any means without using the “CSM Bridge Design - Superpositioning” ? I would like to specify that I used the French standards code to calculate the structure, so the super positioning module does not work in my situation.

Question 2 :

I have seen that with Wingraf it is possible to combine or create envelopes with one or more load cases. But it’s look like impossible to create new load cases or combinations of load cases by adding coefficients in front of each load case, isn’t it ?

Example : (1,35* Loadcase 7004 + 1,5*Loadcase 2)

Maybe it is possible by text input or graphical interface ?



Hello Antoine

Why don’t you use the CSM-Bridge Design workflow? And why do you want to use the loadcases 7000? The supperpositioning with csm workflow suggests using the loadcases numbered 5000 and 6000. The loadcases starting with the number 7000 are used to visualise the results with the result viewer. So these loadcases are used to check the forces and stresses of the AQB combination graphically.

The use of the different CSM loadcases is described within the CSM manual and in our online bridge design training.

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > CSM > chapter 2.5 Load Cases - Primary Load Cases - Difference Load Cases

Construction Stage Manager (CSM)

Superpositioning within CSM:

While the playlist is not short, it explains most of the steps involved in road bridge design.

In addition to the SSD workflow, you can also look at the TEDDY input for the supperpositioning within CSM.

TEDDY > File > Examples > csm > english > design

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team