Column module

Hello everyone,

I am currently analyzing and designing a building with Sofistik. The geometry and other inputs were defined through Rhino. However, I am struggling now with the column design. I am trying to incorporate the column module to get the internal forces from the analysis, and be able to check the fire resistance, creep, stability and design of each column, or group of columns (same conditions= section, height and limits). Nevertheless, the program does not work correctly, even when I have tried to design a single element.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Have you tried using the column module in a smaller and simplified project?
If yes, could you please send me this reduced file?

Normally the column module should work in combination with Rhino.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Herr Höller,

I am a new user, so I cannot send any files. Could you please provide me with an email or grant me this option?

I did prepare a quite simple structure, and I reduced even my workflow. However, I am getting the same error. Furthermore, when I run the model including the column design module, I need to delete Sofistik database file (cdb) afterwards, and import the geometry again from Rhino, otherwise the model does not work anymore.

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Hello Sebastian

I have updated your user level. So now you can upload files :wink:
I think I reproduced your error, but it would be nice if you send me your files anyway so I can check them in detail.

Concerning your second problem:
This is a known issue and I have reported it to the appropriate developer. We believe this happens after an error in the task column. As far as I know you don’t need to delete the .cdb, you just need to reboot the SSD. At the moment we are looking for a solution and will try to fix this error in a future service pack.

Best regards