Checking deflections RC elements


There is any sofistik program that calculates the deformations of reinforced concrete elements according to Eurocode 2, §7.4.3 ? Or the only way to calculate the deformations is by performing a non-linear analysis with ASE ?

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Hello Andrei

The chapter 7.4.3 (Eurocode 1992-1-1) describes a simplified method for deformation calculation for reinforced concrete elements. This method is not implemented in any SOFiSTiK program.

If you want to calculate the deformation of a structure, you should perform a non-linear analysis with ASE. A basic linear analysis will not cover the effect of non-linear element stiffness due to fractures.

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A bit of a complementary info:

The new module BEAM allows for a deflection check of structural lines (SLN) acc. to EC2-1-1 chap. 7.4.3 for some national variants (cf. BEAM manual, chap. 2.6.2)
This module is currently only available in V2020 through text input or in the Revit plugin SOFiSTiK Analysis+Design, and doesn’t include any non-linear calculation/checks.


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