Changing the coupler image of the in the bending schedule

Good Morning,

I was hoping to find some help in customizing the image associated with the rebar coupler in the bending schedule.

I have found that in the end treatment family there are 6 types of sofistik couplers. When I open the properties of these sofistik types eg ‘‘SOFiSTiK_1_General’’ There is the end treatment parameter under construction. If I change to values ranging from 1 to 6 the image in the bending schedule also changes. I am wondering if it is possible to change the image to a custom image?

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated


Unfortunately this is not possible.

Please send us more information about the desired custom image for coupler. A screenshot would be great.

Kind regards

Shadi Razzouk
SOFiSTiK Support

Thank you for your response.

As requested, a screenshot of the symbol which we would like to implement: