Cdb interface via python get dataframe

hi, I have a question related to accessing cdb information by python, I wonder if it is possible with one request without a loop get collection of information from cdb?
What I mean is, I know that I can make a loop and e.g get the list of all the load cases and coresponding action, but loop is time consuming I wonder if it is possible to get adhoc whole list of lc and its action in cdb?
Becuase I can get that kind of behavior when I first use resulr viewer to export to csv all lc and thier acions and then using python I load to dataframe whole csv file, can I do it directly by accessing the cdb?

In general: if you provide some sample code, you might get better answers.

To your question:
The cdb is read line by line and there isn’t really any alternative to looping.

However, if you loop without regards to cdb order there can be a significant time increase.
Picture the cdb as a large text file and try to read it in the order/direction it’s written.
E.g. reading quad thickness and internal forces for a lc will be much faster if you read all the quad thicknesses and then all the internal forces, rather then reading both for one quad at a time.

If your code seems slow in comparison to a result viewer text dump, you can try to adjust the python container you use for storage. Try to preallocate storage size if you know the number of lcs or a different container. Lists are versatile but not always quick.

If fiddling with python storage doesn’t help, you might have to change to a compiled language instead like c++ or fortran.

so your point is to first read all the lc and then all the actions and do the mapping in py.
I think then it will be faster do do it as I mentioned before read csv file with data frame in py.