Cannot create Section Boxes in SSD's Interactive Graphics

I have an error when trying to make a Section Box in an Interactive Graphic in SSD. When Interactive calculates the returning error is the following:
+++++ error no. 12123 ; input line: 231
Error in Tabledefinition:
either some data is missing leading to the erroneous assumption of a table definition
otherwise it has to be marked, that only default value definitions (item=value) are allowed.

When I edit in Teddy the Graphic and I delete the SBOX lines (e.g. BOX XMIN 1.700127 YMIN 35.93524 ZMIN 19.64961 XMAX 37.34089 YMAX 62.47205 ZMAX 38.50039 TYPE BWIN OPER BGRP 0), the Task Runs ok but I loose my section box.

Do you know how should I create it?

Hi Vassilis,

does it work for you, if you just remove the “oper” parameter?

Cheers, Adrian

Hi Adrian,
You made it! :ok_hand:
Thanks mate

This parameter “oper” is created automatically when I copy the Task… :wink:


that’s weird… :sweat_smile: I will try to investigate…