Can SSD program make custom section?

Hi. I want to input custom section in SSD program. I try make it by Sofiplus(-X). But i want to input custom dimensions such as Moment of Inertia , CG. , Section area. How i can input this?



You can create a custom section by inserting a TEDDY Task. There you have to run the program AQUA, where you can define the cross section with the command SVAL (deutsch QUER).

Another way to define custom properties is to draw the cross section within SOFiPLUS(-X) (-> Cross Section Editor) and change some parameter afterwards in a TEDDY Task in the SSD.
You can even reduce the properties by a specific percentage, e.g. moment of inertia * 0,5, with the command SVAL (see chapter 3.27 AQUA manual).

I recommend looking at the AQUA manual. You find the manual in the SSD:

Help > user manuals > all manuals… > aqua

For your cross section I recommend drawing it with the cross section editor in SOFiPLUS(-X). Especially if you want to design a prestressed beam.

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SOFiSTiK Support Team

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Thankyou. I’ve never used TEDDY. Do you have TEDDY tutorial video clip to show how to edit cross section?

We have created some examples that sould help you with the start. You can find them within the TEDDY:

File > Examples > aqua > english

We still have two older beginner Videos.