Can Sofistik model the FIRE effect on Concrete

Dear Technical Staff SOFISTIK


Please tell me Can Sofistik model the concrete building exposed to direct fire for 6 hours and can it show the concrete & steel strength degradation(stiffness degradation) due to fire . If yes, please tell me HOW in detail?

Dear User,

yes we can. A general description for a steel section can be found inside our Infocenter > Tutorials

Further descriptions and examples are available in our manuals. Read Manuals fpr module AQUA and AQB. Open TEDDY menu file > examples > aqb > english > hotdesign and you will find some more examples.

Finally see our verification manuals, which are online as well. Gotochapter Mechanical Benchmark and search in Benchmark Title for “fire”

I recommend to work through this examples and adapt this examples for your own projects.
Hope that helps

Dr. Martin Siffling