Calculating custom formula with loadcases

Is somehow possible to calculate custom formula with LC and store it in new LC?
I need to calculatate simple formula e.g. (LC_1 - 1,35 * LC_2) / 1,5 * LC_3 and store the results in LC_4
maybe with maxima or AQB ?
Than you in advance.

the first part is easy to do with maxima:
(LC_1 - 1,35 * LC_2) / 1,5 = LC_1/1,5 - 1,35*LC2/1,5
that yields
LC 1 fact 1/1.5 type g
LC 2 fact 1.35/1.5 type g

however part two with multiply by LC3 results is a way harder and cant be done explicit by any module, database manipulation would be neccesary

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OK database manipulation, how to do that?
I supose that I have to read the values from DB, calkulate if and then store it back to DB.
How to read value e.g. design capacity moment Myi from LC_1 of the element 10001?
How to store value in e.g. utilisation level-total in LC_1 of the element 10001?
Thanks for any advice…

Database manipulation is possible, but be aware that you have to ensure data consistency yourself.

I did this some time ago using SofiMshA with IMPO. I used @key to read some values from some loadcases and IMPO to write values into a loadcase. To ensure data consistency, I created the loadcase before using SofiLoad. It is a bit tricky, so I did a lot of checking.

See the CDBASE help and the SofiMshA manual for more information.

It is usually easier to use Excel to do the calculations. I prefer this if no further work is needed in Sofistik.


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