Bridge Modeler

I am trying Bridge Modelerer plug-in on Revit 2021

I exported from Civil 3D an alignement in Landxml version.

I link the dwg in Revit and acquire coordinates from It. If i check some point, coincide with dwg coordinates system.
When I import the landxml in Axis, the alignement is a little moved.
There is some option to set before export/import?


Hello Stefano

You can define the positioning of the axis within the Import Dialogue. If the selected position is not appropriate, you can relocate the base point by editing the settings of the axis.

SOFiSTiK Bridge > Axis > Edit >


Further information can befound within the SBIM manual. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Bridge Modeler > Import Axis - Supported Formats

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Stefano

have you solved the problem or do you have any remaining questions?

I solved it by manual moving the imported axis, If I import with shared coordinates, the position is not corect.
I also receive this error when I create placement sections:

SiX - Execution could not be completed: The BoundingBoxXYZ is not appropriate for detail views. The basis vectors of must be unit length and orthonormal. The near and far bound offsets cannot be reversed or too close to each other. MinEnabled and MaxEnabled must be set to true for all three directions.
Parameter name: sectionBox

Hello Stefano

Please check if the target destination of the axis is within the global boundary of Revit.
Further information can be found on the official Autodesk website:

Just one Tipp, there is a new functionality in SBIM 2021-7, which makes your live easy.
During the import of an axis or terrain you may select the comon position and let the program evaluate the correct position inside your project.

See a small video here:

Hope this helps