Bridge EQ

In this bridge model,

I defined 3 response spectrum in X,Y and Z and I defined action E to use (CSM bridge design superposition). The maximum and minimum values are calculated using (EXTR N 12002 STYP CQC ACT E). My question is about using CQC calculate the EQ for example direction in X and take 0.3 from y and Z or CQC option take EQ for example direction in X without adding 0.3 from y and z directions

Hi Ahmed,

I can recommend our new SSD task “Earthquake RSA” (available from version 2022). There’s a very useful new option called “Tracer”. You can trace the results of a specific element and in the report browser output you get detailed information about the earthquake results - how the results in X,Y,Z direction are calculated and how they are combined.

Best regards, Nora