BIM Tutorial Question

Hello, I am doing the BIM Tutorial for Sofistik 2018 and when I try to export the model to sofistik with the loads applied, I get an error when it tries to analyze the loads. I get an error about instabilities and also about freeloads being located near edges or holes, despite using the Revit model files and load locations from the Sofistik website and the loads from the youtube video that is embedded in the Sofistik website.


With which Revit and SOFiSTiK Version are you working?
Does the error message about instabilities appear for the subsystem or the main system?
After I saved the project files form the ftp-server in a new folder, I could calculate the project with Revit 2021 and SOFiSTiK 2020 without any problems.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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Hi Frederick! Thanks for the reply as usual! I’m working with Sofistik 2020 and Revit 2020. So far I’ve only tried calculating for the main system.

Hi Frederick. After using Revit 2021 and following the 2018 tutorial, I get the error

“Analysis of Load Cases
warning no. 185 in program ASE/SOFILOAD”

I clicked the SSD button, pressed "analyze load cases’ then pressed OK. Then when nothing happened, I repeated that process, but clicked “calculate” and the error window apeared.

With the following steps I could solve the problem on my laptop:

  1. Download project files
  2. Open .rvt with Revit 2021 -> Revit 2021 converts project files
  3. Save project in a new folder
  4. Start calculation (choose design code)

If the problem still occurs, please send me your project files, so I can reproduce the warning.

Hi Frederick, following the steps, the model now generates, but does not show any load cases in the sofistik model. When I click the Linear Analysis tool, it comes back with errors. Unfortunately, for some reason, I am still a new user and can’t upload my sofistik file.

I have recreated the BIM Tutorial for Revit 2020 (but Revit 2021 works as well).
You can download the project from my OneDrive folder.