Bending schedule tables problems

Hi everyone,

We are currently starting to use the Reinforcement Detailing in our company.

I have made a custom bending schedule (started from the based models available) that fit our company standards.
Unfortunately, I have an issue with some tables in the custom schedule, who does not appears when I make a Schedule with sofistik Reinforcement.

The bending table works everytime, but the weight summaries dosen’t appears in some cases. I check if there was any lines or characters that could possibly “broke” the schedule, but I found nothing.

Also, the tables unused (like the table coupler, if there’s no coupler in the Revit project) appears with a “[[deleted]]” mention just under it in some other cases.

(I can’t link files because I’m a new member apparently, sorry about that :confused: )

Any of you are concerned with that?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


So far I have no experience with it. I have updated your trust level so that you can now publish project files if you wish.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello, thanks for your help.

I’ve done some tests on my side, and it seems that the the weight summaries do not like to be placed after the bending table. When I place the weight summaries first, everything works fine.

That’s not really what I want, because I would like to have them after the bending table.

Here’s some files that I would like to share in my first post :

The first one is the custom model of the bending schedule, that I would like to have (Nomenclature_Gabarit.pdf file)
The second one is a exemple of a “broken” bending schedule (Pieux type_AllRevisions.pdf file)

Maybe I’ve done something wrong when I built the custom bending schedule?

Nomenclature_Gabarit.pdf (106.0 KB)
Pieux type_AllRevisions.pdf (152.9 KB)

Best regards.