Bending schedule Suggestions

Hi, I am working for a company based in Switzerland and while the bending schedule produced by sofistik provides a workable solution I believe there is always room for improvment.

Here is a list of things I think could improve the bending schedule (from our perspective):

  • A paramater to provide the total number of unique positions in any given list.

  • The end conditions length indicated on the bending schedules sketch. eg hook length (as opposed to 2 seperate columns or a seperate table)

  • Some times the text in an image overlaps another text. in theese cases perhaps a sketch not in scale could resolve the problem. eg:

Hi @Ricardinio,

You are definitly right, there is always room for improvement, and we are always happy to hear feedback from you.

  • regarding the parameter that counts all the position in a sheet we already talked about, by the way there are 2 parameters in sheet
    I imagine you want to count the positions in case you have in your sheet marks numbered from 30 to 42 for exampel and you want to point out that in your sheet are actually 13 rebars.
    Usually the positioning is made per sheet and by writting the highest rebar mark in the sheet I think will do when you start with 1 and have no gaps.
  • This is also something that we are aware of, we will implement 2 parameters for hook lengths which should be able to be scheduled for reinforcement.
  • Regarding the picture there are a couple of things you can set now in order to have a clearer sketch. From project units for reinforcement lengths you can set not to print the units symbol anymore and for angles you may set a smaller precision to avoid the unnecessary decimals. Here we plan not to print anymore the 0° and 90° values.

I hope it helped, and we’ll stay in touch.
Have a nice weekend!