Bemess: Reinforcement amounts difference in using PARA or TAB


I am trying to calculate reinforcement in a concrete structure using BEMESS. I can see from the BEMESS report, that all the reinforcement is from crack width verification (0,2mm).
I was using “CRAC WK PARA”. However when using “CRAC WK TAB” i get completly different results.
For one element the results can be summed up as (cm2/m):

*Hand calculations are not taking normal forces into account, and are using MX=MX+MXY

I was wondering when is it recommended to use what, there seems to be quite a difference? Is it correctly understood that the difference is in using 7.3.3 or 7.3.4 in EN 1992-1-1?

Is there a way to get more detailed explanations of the calculations done in the BEMESS Report? This seems like the most detail i can get:

Hi Jonas,

please study the benchmark example DCE-EN32, see 01a and 01b.jpg.
This example is created based onto DIN EN1992, but it shows how to check manually the results. You can adapt these steps for EN1992.
Generally it’s known that in common EN1992 crack widt calculation regarding chapter 7.3.4 can give higher reinforcement than regarding chapter 7.3.3.

These hints should help.
Best regards,


Thank you Jost, i will have a look :slight_smile: