Bemess nstr chkr


I ran two bemess analysis for the same load cases. In the first one I used the code NSTR CHKR 0.6 in order to obtain a reinfocement which respect the imposed limit (0.6fyk).

With the obtained reinfocement I did the second analysis using the code NSTR CHKR 999 only to verify the reinforcement and I saw that the steel stress doesn’t respect the imposed limit which is strange because the reinforcement was determined in the first analysis in order to respect this limit.

Why the steel stress is higher in the second analysis ?

How can I visualize the correct steel stress ?

Thank you!

Dear Andrei,

you sent exact the same question to the SOFiSTiK Support Team. I kindly ask for your understanding, that we do not answer your question twice. If anyone else will answer here, ok, but our support team will answer via the official support channel only.

Dear Martin,

Thank your for your reply.
I’ll wait for the answer via the official support channel.

Kind regards,
Andrei Bilbie