Bemess calculation process

During bemess calculation a set of numbers are displayed:


Could anyone explain the meaning of those numbers and whether it is problematic if the percetange doesn’t reach 100%?
I do have a few re-entrant corners where a few elements are undesignable but I have checked and verified that they are not problematic.

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Hi Martin,

above those numbers you find a heading, that explains the values:


The first row is “Percentage of designs”. This allows you to see, how far the calculation is. Usually 100% is reached at the end of the calculation. But due to the following reason, also a smaller value than 100 % can be obtained: At the beginning, Bemess determines the number of all elements + nodes and load cases in the system and specifies the percentage based on this.
If you do not design all elements or groups in BEMESS, you will get a value < 100 %.

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