Beam Hinges

Hi everyone,
I am currently modelling a bridge in SOFiPLUS and had a quick question about the beam hinge tab on the line tool. I have two beams joined but require a My of 0kNm at this position, would a beam hinge be suitable for this? I have attached the two beams joined below along with the beam hinge input. I have applied the hinge at adjacent members but nothing shows up on the model, I have also tried adding hinges at the start and the end of the beam but it does not achieve a zero moment.


Hello Jennifer

The “to Adjacent Member” option defines the beam behavior of two crossing beams. The corresponding SOFiMSHC command is SLN FIMA. Normally this command is used to control the behavior of continuous beams. For example a connection between a rafter and the purlin in roof construction.In your case this option doesn’t work because you have two connected beams. In these cases you should use the other two options “Start” or “End”.

(e.g. random beam example)

If you need more explanations, you should take a look at the SOFiMSHC manual.

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > SOFiMSHC > chapter 5.6.4 Hinge conditions

Or the SOFiPLUS(-X) manual:

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