Beam Elements

Do Beam elements always consider shear deformations! If so, is there any possibility to ignore them!

Thanks in advance

for more information about shear deformation, you can read the AQUA manual.

If you want to ignore the shear deformation, you have to manually disable it within the cross-section. I will quote from the manual:

By default, shear deformation areas are always computed – independent of the material type
– and accounted for consistently for beam analysis according to Timoshenko-theory. This
behavior can be overruled by explicit specification of the respective shear deformation areas
Ay and AZ with a value in m2 or by a factor with the explicit unit of [%]. Specifying 0.0
deactivates the effect of shear deformation areas for the beam analysis.

Of course you can deactivate them manually in the SSD task for the cross-section as well.

Cheers, Adrian